Recovery Rehabilitation Center (ARRC) has transferred physical therapy operations to Mobile Rehab Physical Therapy, Inc. For more information please CONTACT US. The history of ARRC is located on the NEWS page.

The Mobile Rehab Physical Therapy Advantage

The Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) and Saebo Training Program is a stroke recovery program provided by Mobile Rehab PT.  We provide physical therapy in a healing yet challenging environment–your home. Treatment at home is unique to our program and effective with Constraint Induced Movement Therapy and with Saebo Advanced Arm and Hand Training. An experienced and skilled CIMT/Saebo trained therapist combines the use of specialized therapy equipment with real-life tasks such as reaching into cupboards, picking up eating utensils, using a house key, and turning a doorknob. Your Mobile Rehab physical therapist has extensive experience in CIMT and Saebo and provides therapy focused on the tasks you need to do.

Tamara Toms, MPT
Director of Neurological Rehabilitation

Tamara (Tami) Toms received a Master’s degree in physical therapy from Chapman University. She’s been licensed as a physical therapist since 1992 and specializes in Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT), SaeboFlex, SaeboReach, SaeboStretch, Bioness, and Walk-Aide. Tami is one of the few Level 2 Saebo therapists in the U.S. Tami is a leader in progressive therapeutic interventions for stroke, traumatic brain injury and multiple sclerosis. Her advanced skills, experience, and dedication attract people from around the U.S. and keep clients coming back.

“In 1992, I completed my studies in the physical therapy masters program at Childrens Hospital/Chapman College. I’ve worked with patients in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health. In these settings, I’ve provided skilled therapy techniques to patients with spinal cord injury, total joint replacement, stroke, limb amputation, fractures, laminectomy, bunionectomy, craniotomy, and many other diagnoses.”

“As the neurological physical therapist for Mobile Rehab Physical Therapy, I apply the Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) model to progress patients beyond traditional, non-CIMT therapy goals. Using specialized equipment with task directed movements, I have seen patients reach higher levels of function than previously thought possible.”

“My interest in CIMT is strengthened by the first hand experience I had with my grandmother after her stroke. Had CIMT been available to her, she would have struggled less with routine daily tasks. Caring for a family member taught me valuable lessons and gave me insight that can’t be taught or read in a book. It is with heartfelt passion that I help patients to achieve their personal goals and to become less dependent on others.”

“It takes determination and focus from both the therapist and patient during treatment sessions, but the rewards are priceless. I’m ready for the challenge, are you?”

Tami is available for outpatient physical therapy in your home that includes patient consultations, evaluations and follow up treatments for CIMT, Saebo, Bioness, Walk-Aide and ACP.

Lori Andersen, MA, MPT

Lori Andersen was trained in physical therapy at Chapman University and in psychology at Claremont Graduate School. She holds Master’s degrees in both fields and has been providing successful physical therapy to patients since 1992.

As the founder of Mobile Rehab Physical Therapy, Inc., Lori is active in finding new and innovative techniques that have proven to be effective for patient recovery. Collaborating with local physicians, she brings a unique perspective to the home delivery model of physical therapy. Lori specializes in preventive care, orthopedic conditions, senior programs, and medically based fitness. She assists Tami Toms with administrative functions and scheduling for CIMT clients.

Associate Physical Therapists and Assistants

Tami Toms, Director of Neurological Rehabilitation, works one on one with each client. All members of the physical therapy team are licensed by the California physical therapy board and have earned a master’s degree in physical therapy. Our associates and assistants are qualified to provide exceptional care.

Certified Therapy Dog

Olive is a member of Mobile Rehab as a certified therapy dog. Olive trained with Lori and Tami at the Pet Prescription Team therapy dog center. She is active in helping clients relax and experience healing. To be top dog for clients, Olive runs 6 miles a week, has her teeth brushed, and bathes regularly. Olive is available to accompany the therapists during outpatient physical therapy in your home.