Individual Programs

Services are provided for adult, adolescent, and child. All services are provided in your home by a licensed, insured, and experienced physical therapist who is skilled in CIMT and Saebo. For California residents, our therapist travels to your home with specialized equipment for therapy sessions. Our out of state clients arrange their own accommodations in California, which has often included staying with their family or friends. Custom programs are available.


Hourly rate. Evaluations are required prior to starting any program. During the evaluation the therapist will determine the best program for your functional level and if a Saebo device is needed. After the evaluation, the therapist will write a plan of care and assist you to obtain clearance from your doctor to participate in further treatment.

Pay As You Go

Hourly rate. This program is for clients who want an alternative to the Signature program or who have a high level of function from prior CIMT or Saebo therapy. Since less time is spent under the guidance of the therapist, you will need to be self-directed and committed to spending time each day on a home program. The therapist is available by appointment as the schedule permits.


Weekly rate. Two or three week program, five days a week, six hours (adult and adolescent) or four hours (child) per day. Research has shown that the two or three week program maximizes the opportunity for recovery of arm and hand movement and that adults achieve the best outcomes with the six hour per day program, adolescents with the four to six hour per day program, and children with the four hour per day program. The Signature program can be customized for two people (Signature 4 Buddies) whereby two clients share the therapy session and cost.

Our physical therapist designs a unique program based on your functional ability and goals and works with you to achieve those goals. This includes behavioral techniques known as shaping and task practice, where you repeat timed exercises of increasing complexity and the therapist provides guidance, encouragement, and feedback to improve each task. Task practice simulates a meaningful daily activity or movement–as you improve, the therapist progresses you to performing actual  daily activity or movement in your home. Your level of function is filmed on the first and last day of the program–this records improvement and provides you with visual feedback. Positive reinforcement and one-on-one interaction is a key component in the success of this program.

Your schedule is individualized to allow for rest breaks during the intensive  four to six hour day. Each day after the therapy session, you’ll be given instructions for completing a few tasks that will reinforce your achievements for that day. At the completion of your therapy program, you’ll be given an individualized plan to follow at home. During the first year you’ll be asked to complete quarterly self-evaluations that assist us in tracking your progress and help us make additional recommendations for improving your home program and the use of your arm and hand in the home environment.

Each client has a different way of measuring success. With our guidance, you can set realistic goals and work toward them, continuing long after your therapy is completed. Your success will positively affect you and those around you–it’s not uncommon for caregivers to be able to return to work as you gain independence and confidence.


Daily or weekly rate. We offer a discount rate for clients who have completed 40 hours of CIMT or Saebo through Mobile Rehab Physical Therapy. Discount rates apply when a minimum of 4 hours (Tune Up) to a week (Signature) is booked for treatment. Clients who reach the Master level show dedication to the CIMT model for tone management and increased functional movement. Clients at this level often demonstrate automaticity, multi-directional movements, and the ability to apply clinical training to the home environment.

We support your efforts – you’re worth it!

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