Saebo: does it work?

If you want to use the most innovative technique to recover arm and hand movement, the SaeboFlex or SaeboReach is an option you should consider. This custom fabricated dynamic hand orthosis assists your hand to grasp and release objects. Our therapist uses specialized therapy drills to promote communication between your brain and your hand. In therapy sessions, the therapist guides you as you learn to hold eating utensils, raise a cup to your mouth, turn a doorknob and other practical everyday tasks.

The SaeboFlex and SaeboReach is a training device, it’s not a brace or splint that you wear all day or will wear for the rest of your life. To succeed in this therapy, you will need a moderate level of drive and dedication. Our experienced therapist is by your side every step of the way with the most innovative and proven techniques so you can work smarter, not harder.

It’s well documented that the skill of the physical therapist in Saebo training is the key to success. Our therapist has a proven track record – check out the Team Recovery page!

Stroke recovery at any age

Are you just learning about Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) or the SaeboFlex and SaeboReach? Research shows physical therapy using CIMT and Saebo techniques can be beneficial at any age or length of time since a brain injury.

Techniques are innovative and different than traditional therapy for the arm and hand. It may be beneficial to try traditional physical therapy initially to see how much you can improve. Be sure to tell your therapist that you want to learn to use your affected arm and hand, not compensate with the unaffected side.

After you have plateaued in traditional therapy, consider CIMT or training with the Saebo orthosis. It’s an innovative, yet highly successful approach, focused on making a connection between your brain and muscles. Your brain is never too old to learn!

SaeboFlex for spasticity

The SaeboFlex is featured in a new neurological textbook “Spasticity: Diagnosis and Treatment” by Dr. Brashear and Dr. Elovic. This book is the first book dedicated solely to the treatment and diagnosis of spasticity. This book includes appropriate therapy interventions, including the SaeboFlex. The SaeboFlex and SaeboReach were specifically developed to assist patients who need to decrease spasticity and improve overall arm and hand function.

Our CIMT program includes teachings from this book to help you understand spasticity and proven methods to promote recovery of arm and hand function.

The Spasticity book is written for physicians, physical therapists, and other members of the patient management team. It’s not meant for the general public.